Drawing in the circle is a magical experience It connects us to nature- our own and others

נגן וידאו

"The world is a magical place full of beauty and wonder, I seek to connect humanity to nature, for the wellbeing of all. "

Michal Fishel is a licensed landscape architect with a BLA degree and a licensed teacher with a Bed degree, specializing in drama and art.

Michal was born in1964 Israel, but spent her childhood in Scotland. She found great joy in creating, but only when she started in 2003 intuitively drawing in a circle to find serenity, did she discover the power of magic in her life.

Through her drawing in the circle, she experienced not only a change of emotional state but also an empowerment that enabled her to change her patterns of behavior and lose weight, stop smoking and access a clarity and deep peace within her being.

Today Michal lives with her family in kamon, Israel. In her "Studio Maagalot", she works on commissioned works, illustrations for books, originals, publications and teaches the Maagalot method. Michal teaches at Telhai College as well as lecturing and running workshops in Israel and around the world.

Create beauty in your life and influence your emotional state

Michal's workshops and lectures help you learn new ways to create beauty in your life and influence your emotional state.
Michal Fishel has a teaching degree and for more than two decades has been teaching and researching circular art.


  • Maagalot Workshop-90 min'
  • Maagalot full-workshops-180 min'
  • 1 full day workshop
  • 3 day seminar

Lectures – 60 min'

  • Circles in Jewish tradition
  • Creations as mirrors of the soul
  • Reading Maagalot cards
  • Our inner garden
  • Discovering my strength
  • A tree to lean on

Evaluate your current approach- begin to understand the voices that control your thoughts and emotions and your unique way of living. And find the peace within you in an active creative way.

Michal offers workshops and seminars in private and professional institutions.

These workshops will to not only help you grow, they will enable you to flourish!
Using your mind to focus, your heart to feel and your hands to draw.
Guiding you to connect to your inner beauty and come out striding strong through life's challenges. 
After one short session of Maagalot workshop, you will receive valuable gifts for change, its simple easy and wonderfully enjoyable.

You will learn:

  1. Basic Connection
  2. Language of Beauty
  3. Strategies for Freedom
  4. Natural patterns
  5. Tools for Focus
40x40 cm

Price: 85$ (+shipping fee)

30x30 cm

Price: 65$ (+shipping fee)

20x20 cm

Price: 50$ (+shipping fee)

When creating my artwork I connect to nature, my own and others. I create through feeling what is true for this particular creation and person. The listening part is important because many times what I "hear/see/feel" is not logical and I need to trust that this is true for the person I am drawing…experience has taught me time and again that what I get is exactly what that person needs! As people get their commissioned artwork and ask me "how did you know about this?" I did not know!

I just respect what flows to me through my art. I trust completely in "what I get" and use my skills as an artist and designer to create the perfect creation. My work is inspired by geometric shapes, poetic texts, animals, plants and color. The result is always meaningful and seeped in magic.

Michal's books and cards are available for purchase.
We are always open to wholesale requests and will consider unique needs.  Orders are deliver worldwide.

Meditation cards

Price: 35$

Joyful Mandalas – Coloring book

Price: 25$

Let me help you change the patterns that hold you back in your life and install new healthier patterns of living through art.
After more than a decade of researching the connections between patterns in artworks and patterns in the artist's life, I can recognize your state of being through your creations.  This Reading takes 30- 60 minutes.

For this reading, you need to download this pdf file and follow the instructions in it.
You will receive at the end of this reading also a power card that I create especially for you. This power card will continue to inspire you long after the reading is over.

An art reading invites a fresh awareness and intuitive understanding into any life situation.

Disclaimer- readings are supportive with general wellbeing they do not offer solutions for health issues.

גלילה לראש העמוד